What is an e bicycle?

Take the ‘e’ away and it is just a bike! An electric bike, or e-bike for short, is simply a bicycle with an electric motor that helps you along as you pedal. Because it is just a bike, there are no licenses or taxes.

How fast will it go?

An electric bicycle, also known officially as an electrically power assisted cycles (EPAC), provides electric assistance up to 25 km/h as long as you are pedaling. You can cycle faster, but it will just be your legs carrying you!

What makes Momentum Electric bikes different from the competition?

At the heart of Momentum Electric bikes is our automatic torque sensor AUTORQ™ system; an innovation exclusive to Momentum Electric. The word is a team up of the words automatic and torque – referring to - you guessed it – an automatic torque sensor.  It measures your effort on the pedals and intelligently controls the powerful and quiet 250W motor to provide assistance accordingly. The result is an intuitive ride and an excellent range

What is the range of the bike?

The 2.6kg battery  is a unique design equipped with Samsung SDI 36V 374.4 Wh 10.4A cells. You will have an impressive range of 45km to 80km depending on the level of assistance you use and the terrain you travel..

Do I get any exercise with an electric bike?

Compared to regular bikes, you will get the same amount of exercise but travel further. The electric assist is only an aid and it does not excuse you from pedaling. The assistance only comes in when you are pedaling. In fact, studies have shown that electric bicycle owners cycle more!

Do you have to wait until the battery is discharged?

Just charge it up and you are good to go! The lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect.

How much is a replacement battery?

Our batteries will last between 3 to 5 years depending on your usage. A replacement battery costs €399

How does the bike recharge?

The battery is recharged to a standard electrical outlet. The battery can be charged directly on a bike or mains by removing the battery.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

The battery, which are equipped with Samsung SDI cells, take  between 4 to 5 hours to charge fully.

How much does it cost to  charge the bike?

It costs only  around €0.04 for a full charge that will give you a range of between 45 km to 80 km.

Can you recharge by pedaling?

No, the battery is charged from a standard electrical outlet.The energy generated by the pedals does not provide enough power to charge up the battery. There is also insufficient kinetic energy to recover on an electric bike compared to  some cars. It is much faster and more efficient to recharge the battery from the AC mains.

Is the motor noisy?

Momentum Electric bike motors are quiet, powerful and efficient.. Most people would not notice it as you ride past

Are we going faster?

Absolutely! You will gain an extra 30% of your time compared to an equivalent journey on a regular bike

Where is the motor?

The electric motor on the Model T, Upstart and 2wenty are at the front wheel. Thanks to the AUTORQ system, the bike senses the amount of effort you put in on the pedals and the system intelligently controls the motor to provide an intuitive ride feel.The motor is comes in immediately when you start pedaling and cuts out as soon as you stop pedaling. You are in complete control of power at all times.

Our front motor develops a torque of 40 Nm which allows climb of up to 12%.

Does the bike work without a battery?

Momentum Electric bikes ride like a regular bike without power assist. A sign of a well-designed electric bike is how it rides without any power assistance! You can turn off the assistance whenever you want and ride the bike like you would a regular bike, although, once you get used to the powered assistance, we doubt you would do so very much!

Is it heavy?

Lightweight, along with good looking and affordability, was one of the key design objectives when conceiving the bikes. Compared to most other electric bikes, Momentum Electric bikes are about 4 - 7kg lighter in weight. In addition, once the electric assistance is switched on, the bikes will be lighter than ever!.One of the ideas received around the electric bike is to believe that they are much heavier than conventional bikes. It is not so ! An electric bicycle weighs around 20 kilograms. We even offer one to 16kg, the Momentum Electric 2wenty! For comparison, a Velib weighs 22 kg. And the presence of electric assistance quickly solves the question of weight: it is not you who carry the bike, but he who does it.

Is the electric bike resistant to water?

All Momentum Electric bikes are completely waterproof.There is nothing to worry about in the rain except your clothes getting wet!

How do I take care of it?

Momentum Electric bikes are easy to use and maintain. Treat it exactly like a regular bicycle and keep your battery charged so you are always ready for your next trip. Like a bicycle, check your tyres, brakes and chain before each ride and service it at regular intervals. The tyres and brakes will wear slightly faster than a regular bicycle because of your higher average speed. Check them at intervals of 1500km.

You can have the bikes can be serviced at regular or specialist bicycle shops or via our partner, Cyclofix, depending on your location. If do not use your bike over long periods of time, such as in winter, you must store the battery off the bike in a dry place and recharge it once every two months. You can store the battery in deep sleep mode after charging it by pressing and holding the state of charge button for 50 seconds until after a sequence of flashing by the red LED disappears. To wake it up from deep sleep mode, just plug in the charger.

Do I save time using an electric bike?

The electric bicycle is the fastest means of urban transport, far exceeding various forms of transport including public transport, driving and cycling.Your journey times will be shorter and you will arrive without breaking a sweat.Does I save money using an electric bicycle?

Compared to  other means of urban transport, the electric bike is both the cheapest and quickest. he electric bike is cheaper to run than a car considering all the costs associated with car ownership, as well as versus the cost of owning a season travel ticket. You may even find that your local government is offering subsidy for electric bike ownership. Our pre-order system also offers a generous discount if you can for 3 months before getting your Momentum Electric bike.

Are electric bikes environmentally friendly?

Momentum Electric bicycle frame components and batteries are fully recyclable. The use of electric bikes greatly reduce your carbon footprint. An electric bike does not emit greenhouse gases or create pollution in use. In fact, depending on the source of food that you eat and the source of energy that you recharge the battery, it is the most environmentally friendly means of transport in the city today, even more than a regular bicycle!

Many European governments are providing grants and subsidies to encourage the use of electric bicycles. Find out from your local government if such financial assistance are available for you.

Is there a lot of electric bicycle theft?

An electric bicycle is a high value item and would no doubt attract the opportunistic thief. Apart from the usual common sense approach to securing your bike in well-lit safe areas using a well-rated bicycle lock, you would also be well-advised to remove the battery from the bike. An electric bicycle without the battery is a much less attractive  proposition for a thief considering he would have to make an additional purchase for a battery and a charger to sell the stolen item on.Our system makes it easy to remove the batteryand at a weight of only 2.6 kg, it allows you to take it wherever you go.

Do I need to buy insurance?

The electric bicycle is classified as a regular bicycle under European law and so there is no requirement for a compulsory insurance, road tax, annual vehicle inspection or the wearing of helmets. As a precaution, however, you could do so at your own discretion.

What is the warranty on Momentum Electric bikes?

The bike is guaranteed for 5 years on the frame and 2 years for the electric components including the battery.